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behind a successful woman is a TRIBE. this is absolutely true. I hope that I ca…

behind a successful woman is a TRIBE. this bodybybreakfast is absolutely true.
I hope that I can be part of your tribe like she is for me. this platform is all I want it to be. I want to inspire; I want to motivate; I want to change; I want to be there for you.

so as I embrace my new journey, know that I’m still enjoying life. you can focus on your health without destroying your carefree mindset. you can workout without focusing on only the amount of calories you burn. you can eat healthy without feeling like you have to restrict. you can do all of these things. the only thing you CANT do is not DO YOU and BE YOURSELF. that is the greatest thing you can do for yourself ♥️

now go make some yummy donut holes and enjoy your Saturday friends!

Cinnamon Banana Donut Holes
~~ always inspired by hannahharvestinghealth 🧡
1 1/2 C of birchbenders Banana Paleo Mix
1 Mashed Banana
1/4 C of Water
For the glaze:
2 Tbsps of picnikshop Vegan Creamer
1/3 C of wholesomesweet Powdered Sugar

1. Mix together the ingredients for the donut holes and roll into mini balls.
2. Place in the air fryer and cook for about 6-8 minutes at 300.
3. Mix the glaze ingredients together and dip the donut holes one by one!
4. Enjoy!

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