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for just a second, I want you to ask yourself what food do you love but continuo…

for just a second, I want you to ask yourself what food do you love but continuously say no to because of a voice inside your head?
my answer… oatmeal (and other things).

why is it that our mind rejects something that our body wants so badly? why is that we tell ourselves all the negative things about something instead of the positive things? why do we hesitate to pick up a bowl of oatmeal if it’s nothing but nourishment for our body? why?

from someone who removed oatmeal for the last 4 years of their life, I will tell you why. because we get so caught up in a negative mindset (much easier to do) rather than embrace the positive aspects of life.

I have now eaten oatmeal pretty much everyday for the last 3 months. I eat it everyday because I haven’t had it in so long that my body just craves it ALL DAY LONG. my oatmeal bowls or plates are not small, it’s not 2 Tbsps of oats (hey there old me), it’s not caring how high the carb count is, it’s doing none of that. my oatmeal bowls are functioning as recovery after my workout, satisfactory because it’s what my tastebuds want, and energizing my body for the day. these three things outweigh any negative thought I’ve ever had about oatmeal.

my goal and challenge for you is this:
eat something you really want, and when you eat it, ONLY focus on the positives surrounding it. then see how you feel and see if there is that hanging guilt.

I love you all, and you have been so amazing to me as I share my story of recovery. I share it because I care and because I want you to make an oatmeal plate like this one ✌🏼

some powerful.foods peanut butter honey oatmeal topped with honey, blueberries, squarerootlife maple cinnamon “granola” and publicgoods creamy peanut butter ✨
~ starving_to_strong I think oatmeal is more fun on a plate, you’re the best 💓

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